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  • How do you handle international shipping? Do you ship worldwide?
    I am based in Berlin, Germany and I ship worldwide.
  • How can I explore Wedding Mark's collections?
    You can find all the collections on the 'Curated Collections' page
  • I have a specific vision for my wedding stationery. Can it be brought to life?
    Absolutely! If my collections aren't aligning with your vision, I am here to create a bespoke stationery suite just for you. Simply share your ideas, and together, we'll craft a set that mirrors the essence of your special day.
  • What does each Wedding Mark stationery collection include?
    Every collection offers a range of products, from Save-the-Date cards, handcrafted envelopes, and detailed menu cards to name tags and table numbers.
  • How does the reservation process work?
    To ensure dedicated time and focus for your project, I recommend reserving a slot in advance. A mandatory advance payment of €200, which is deducted from your final order, secures your reservation.
  • What printing methods are you using?
    letterpress, embossing, sculpture embossing, debossing, foil press, and digital printing.
  • What type of paper do you use?
    I work only with high-quality papers. Depending on preference, customers can choose from cotton, matte, structured paper, handmade paper, or even transparent varieties. I really care about the environment, which is why my papers are certified and eco-friendly.
  • Are there customization options for the type of paper or printing method for my stationery?
    Certainly. With my curated collections, you can choose from different paper types, foil colors, and in the case of letterpress, various inks. Custom illustrations, monograms, and more can also be incorporated.
  • Can I order only the invitations?
    Yes, you can order just the invitations. Ensure that the total value exceeds €300, as this is our minimum order amount.
  • How does the production process work for semi-custom and custom designs?
    For semi-custom designs, after receiving your specifications and payment, a digital design process begins. Post-approval of the digital draft, printing takes approximately 4 weeks. Custom designs require additional details about your wedding, from style and venue to desired paper and color palette. After this, you'll receive 3 design drafts to choose from. Once approved, printing again takes about 4 weeks.
  • How do I place an order?
    Orders can be placed by sending an email or filling out the contact form.
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